With the Help of Our Employees.
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CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is a mining contractor and equipment supplier offering a wide range of totally integrated services that has completed a large number of contracts for mining and construction companies around the world. Through its unique training programs, mechanized equipment, solid partnerships, and innovations, CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group is making the mining profession more accessible.
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CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group is proud to be a world-class, responsible, and cutting-edge contractor and equipment supplier as it continues to offer creative and innovative solutions with the help of its employees.


Totally committed to creating a harmonious working environment for all stakeholders.


Teamwork and the free exchange of knowledge and information.


Transparency and answerability for all our actions.


Collaborating and going above and beyond to reach our common goals.

CMAC-Thyssen Mining Contractor oversees the execution of all works related to the development and exploitation of a mining operation.

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Développement - CMAC-Thyssen groupe minier

CMAC-Thyssen Mining Manufacturer is an equipment supplier specialized in designing and manufacturing a wide range of parts and equipment used in mining operations.

CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group’s team has all the expertise, personnel, and equipment required to excel and stand out in the mining industry through the quality of its work and its ability to adapt to challenges. For the benefit of its employees, partners, and clients, CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group is committed to following its logical sequence: health and safety, quality, equipment, and productivity.


30 Years of Innovation

Since its inception CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group has been known for its innovative projects inside the province of Quebec and in the world at large. Our willingness and ability to apply our expertise and meet every challenge head-on is the hallmark of a team that refuses to stand still.


Building the Foundation

Claude MacDonald, visionary and driller by profession hailing from Malartic, Quebec, establishes CMAC Long Hole Drilling in 1995, a three-employee drilling company with, as sole client, Agnico-Eagle’s La Ronde division.


Invest in the future

In order to meet the specific needs of the region’s narrow vein mines, CMAC – in collaboration with Agnico-Eagle Mines – invests heavily into research and development to design, develop, and commercialize drilling equipment tailored for the operational challenges that are unique to this type of deposit. A manufacturing division is created, its products tested within Agnico-Eagle’s various mines and the range of services offered by CMAC expands into both drilling and mining development.

26 employés


Innovation as Driver for Growth

As a result of the company’s focus on research and development the prototype of the CMAC 2001 drill is released. Versatile, robust, powerful, and featuring a unique positioning table allowing for a wider drilling radius, the new modular drill is able to be dismantled easily for use in captive mining sites.

99 employés


Offering Integrated Products and Services

With the purpose of offering integrated services to mining companies, CMAC completes the acquisition of Talpa, a regional mining contractor, and CMAC Mining Contractor is born. After further research and development CMAC releases the Tamrock Solo CMAC LH drill.

58 employés


Exporting our Knowledge

As the reputation of CMAC’s products and services grows in Quebec, CMAC begins exporting its knowledge and expertise overseas and CMAC’s Africa Mining division is created in Tanzania.

93 employés


A Promising Collaboration

Thyssen’s unique expertise allows them to construct shafts using their overburden freezing technology. In collaboration with CMAC, Thyssen designs and constructs the ventilation shaft for a mining project in the province of Quebec.

125 employés


From Collaboration to Full Partnership

After collaborating successfully for a joint construction project an official partnership is announced: CMAC-THYSSEN is born!

224 employés


Innovating in the Field of Health and Safety |

CMAC designs and develops the CMAC Drilling Platform. Safe and effective, this platform revolutionizes ore pass enlargement work, securing CMAC’s position as a key player in the field of mining development.

315 employés


Collaboration: The Key of Shared Success

Strengthened since its inception by its many collaborations, CMAC firmly believes that sharing expertise and knowledge is the best way to overcome our limitations and attain our common goals. CMAC continues to focus on long term and equitable business relationships while branching out with new products and collaborations.

Our partnership with Sarliaq for the Nunavut project was leveraged to facilitate recruitment efforts and train the local workforce and has since served as a template in other communities to make the mining profession more accessible on a wider scale, leading to agreements with Youdin, Avataa, Qillaq and Miyuu Kaa.

The agreement with the Orbit Garant exploration company led to the use of CMAC’s transporter with PDD and HDD drills in the diamond drilling sector.

In collaboration with a manufacturer a new type of elevator was created by adapting the Fraco technology for the mining industry.

A collaboration with a mining equipment supplier for the design of the SPLH drill, a hydraulic and electrical drill moved with a diesel transporter that is used for long hole drilling, production drilling, and for the installation of ground support in underground mines.

A partnership with Maxem to expand into the African market.


First forays into Morocco

The merger of CMAC Long Hole Drilling and CMAC Mining Contractor leads to the creation of CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group. The newly-formed group completes its first contract in Morocco for the rehabilitation of an ore pass.

320 employés


Reinventing the Mining Industry

CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group adapts a technology used in the demolition of concrete structures and, in collaboration with RNP, designs the DHS, a zero-gravity drill manipulator arm that completely eliminates the risk factors associated with tool vibrations in manual drilling operations.

519 employés


Building on Long-Term Relationships

Through the business relationships created in Morocco in 2012, CMAC is awarded the contracts for mining work on the Draa Sfar and CMT sites. This agreement allows CMAC-Thyssen to train tens of local workers in mechanized mining operations to complete two shaft contracts.

626 employés


Creating a Unique Environment

CMAC-Thyssen builds its new head office on the outskirts of Val d’Or, uniting its many departments in a single location; open spaces, areas for collaborating, communicating, and sharing ideas with the goal of creating a healthy and harmonious work environment where each and all can grow and realize their full potential. The CMAC team combines its forces and prepares for the future!

716 employés


Solidifying Projects on the World Stage

Shaft sinking for a project in Morocco with a new manufacturing product, the CMAC GSD, a remote-controlled ground drilling system designed to transport its own control systems and support booms while eliminating risk factors associated with the handling of vibrating tools.

735 employés


865 employés


Adapting to the New Global Situation

Our projects may be on hold but our expertise never rests! We channel our efforts, energy, and imagination to adapt to the new global situation in order to come out stronger, more solid than ever before, and ready to bounce back; the future can’t wait!


Restarting our Engines


Preparing for the Future


Let’s arm ourselves with courage


Digitalize, automate, modernize





Mot du président – Vice-président Depuis ses débuts, Groupe minier CMAC-Thyssen s’est développé au rythme de projets innovants, au Québec et à l’international. Cette volonté grandissante et cette capacité à déployer notre expertise pour relever des défis toujours plus ambitieux dessine l’identité d’une équipe toujours en mouvement.


Best innovation in the field of health and safety
Meglab Trophy 2019
Best innovation for health and safety
FONDACTION, Corporation des parcs industriels du Québec, Conseil du Patronat du Québec
Job Creators’ Award 2017
Champion of job creation in Quebec | Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Work Health and Safety Commission (CSST)
Work Health and Safety Grand Prize
Regional Finalist 2015 | Innovation | Large Businesses | DHS Drill Manipulator Arm

People’s Choice Award 2015 | DHS Drill Manipulator Arm
Quebec Association of Mining Contractors (AEMQ)
Best Improvement in Accident Frequency
Orica Trophy 2014
Work Health and Safety Commission (CSST)
Work Health and Safety Grand Prize
National Laureate 2013 | Innovation | Large Businesses | Drilling Platform
Quebec Association of Mining Contractors (AEMQ)
Quebec Association of Mining Contractors (AEMQ)
Orica Trophy 2012
Quebec Standards Bureau - BNQ 21000 Certification – Sustainable Development
Recognition of commitment to implement a sustainable development strategy
Special Recognition
Work Health and Safety Commission (CSST)
Work Health and Safety Commission (CSST)
Regional Laureate 2012 | Innovation | Large Businesses | Drilling Platform
24th Health and Safety Conference 2012 Abitibi-Témiscamingue Director of Public Health
Highlighting a remarkable contribution to the prevention of health hazards and the promotion of work safety
Certificate of recognition

Mention of excellence for the business’ management and personnel
Quebec Manufacturers
Innovation Grand Prize
3rd prize
Quebec Mining Association (AMQ)
Highlighting performance and improvement in the field of health and safety in Quebec’s mines
F.J. O'Connell Trophy 2006
Quebec Association of Mining Contractors (AEMQ)
Best Improvement in Accident Frequency
Orica Trophy 2005