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Manufacturier - CMAC-Thyssen groupe minier
Recognized worldwide, CMAC-Thyssen Mining Manufacturer specializes in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of parts and equipment for use in the mining industry.
CMAC-Thyssen Mining Manufacturer designs and manufactures three types of long hole production drills to meet the demands of the mining industry: the CMAC PLH pneumatic drill, the CMAC LH II electrohydraulic drill and the CMAC SPLH II mobile drill.
CMAC-Thyssen Mining Manufacturer also offers a CMAC DHS pneumatic drill manipulator for the simple and safe installation of all types of ground support in smaller drifts with the capacity to adapt to other equipment in larger drifts if needed.
CMAC JS booms for sinking shafts between 8 and 11 meters in diameter are also available. When combined with the CMAC GSD ground support installation system, CMACMM offers a customized, innovative, and safe solution for large diameter shaft sinking.
Manufacturier - CMAC-Thyssen groupe minier
Production drill (CMAC LH, CMAC PLH, CMAC SPLH)
Drilling manipulator (CMAC DHS)
Shaft sinking equipment (CMAC GSD, CMAC JS)
Personalized equipment (upon request)

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